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Release of DCS World 2.0.4 with DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Map Extension Pack

Today we will be releasing the next update to DCS World 2.0, version 2.0.4. The primary addition to this update is the inclusion of the Extension Pack for the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map. This extension includes 13 new airfields and several new cities and towns. One of the new airfields is Tonopah Test and Training Range airfield, that was home to the “Red Eagles” flying Russian-developed aircraft and the F-117A “Stealth Fighter” wing. This is a FREE extension pack to owners of the Nevada map. Enjoy!

If you do not already own the Nevada map, you can purchase it In the DCS E-Shop.

View the new Extension Pack airfields in the video:

Note that the Nevada map requires DCS World 2.0 at the time and is not compatible with DCS World 1.5.

New airports in the DCS 2.0.4

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Map Sale

Starting today at 1500 GMT and lasting until 28 November at 0900 GMT, we are offering a 20% off sale on the Nevada map to celebrate the Extension Pack release.

The Nevada Test and Training Range (NTTR) has the largest contiguous air and ground space available for peacetime military operations in the free world. The NTTR land area includes simulated air defense systems, mock airbases, and several target ranges. The NTTR was also used for nuclear testing. Today, it is home to RED FLAG and other military exercises that include countries from around the world. The NTTR map for DCS World 2 includes Nellis AFB, Creech AFB and the infamous Groom Lake AFB (aka Area 51). This map also includes the city of Las Vegas, McCarran International Airport, and Hoover Dam.

This sale is valid for both USD and Ruble currencies.

Weekend Nevada Map Bundle Deals

To round out the weekend Nevada news, we are offering several new bundle deals that include the Nevada map! Save 40% off on these bundles using USD currency (except EAEC countries) starting today 1500 GMT and lasting to 28 November at 0900 GMT.

DCS: F-5E Tiger II Release Sale Continues

With the Tiger II exiting Early Access, we are celebrating this with a sale! Until Monday, 21 November, purchase the Tiger II at 20% off.

Have a great weekend!
The Eagle Dynamics Team