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DCS: A-10C Graphic Updates

One of the most anticipated updates right now is the free updates to the A-10C cockpit. 3D modelling is mostly complete and texturing is well underway. Today we would like to show you the amount of detail going into different parts of the cockpit, in this case, the seat. In the near future, we will be showing off some of the texturing work as well.

DCS: F-16 Viper Academic Videos

As most of you know, new info on the DCS: F-16 Viper has been coming fast and furious. Matt ‘Wags’ Wagner has been cranking out his academic videos and you can see the first 5 here.

The latest being DCS: F-16C Viper - Navigation.

Much like the Hornet, these videos will continue right through Early Access helping you learn the Viper as it develops.

DCS: F/A-18C Current News

We know many users are concerned about progress on the Hornet with everything else going on, but we can assure you that we are still hard at work on getting the Hornet completed. Currently, AGM-62 ‘Walleye II’ is making good progress, but we need to develop a new man-in-the-loop data link from scratch for this. This is taking a lot of the team's time currently. When this new tech is completed though, it can later be used for the SLAM and SLAM-ER. As well, this week Range & Bearing Launch mode (R/BL) was added for internal testing for the Harpoon, as well as POP and SKIM options added to Terminal Mode, these should be coming to an Open Beta release very soon.

DCS Events BFM Tourney

Have you been watching the Fight for Honor BFM tournament on Twitch? There has been some incredible matches so far. As an example here is a fight between B3RNO vs Rossmum. Check it out and more at the DCS World Events Twitch channel!

DCS World Release Update

This week we moved Open Beta to Release with the following highlights:

  • Issues with -norender and Dedicated Server were solved
  • Issues with JDAM and Auto-bombing on the Hornet fixed
  • Spitfire sun glare fixed
  • Many updates to RAZBAM, Heatblur and Magnitude 3 modules

You can read the complete changelog here.

Next week we plan an update to the Open Beta version.

We appreciate everyone's support as always.

Yours sincerely,
The Eagle Dynamics Team