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DCS World Open Beta Update

This week we released a new update to the DCS World Open Beta with highlights that include:

  • Added the Joint Helmet Mounted Cueing System (JHMCS), AGM-65E laser-guided Maverick, Flight Performance Advisory System (FPAS) page, new skins, improved Air Combat Maneuvering (ACM) radar mode performance, and corrected fuel pumps for the Hornet
  • Restored debriefing screen for Instant Action missions
  • Improved sound propagation for distant objects
  • Corrected player radio transmission with simultaneous AI radio messages
  • Great improvements to the MiG-29 that include pitch stability synchronized with wing slats, improved braking chute model, corrected engine damage over Mach 2.6, and improved longitudinal stability
  • Numerous improvements to the MiG-21bis, M-2000C, AV-8B NA, and AJS-37 Viggen

You can read the complete change log in the dedicated thread of DCS forum.

As an Open Beta there are expected bugs that we will resolve at our very soonest.

The Eagle Dynamics Team