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DCS World Helicopter Autumn Sale Pack Now Available!

Now available and lasting until September 30th, 2018, we are offering all four DCS World helicopters for just $69.99! Normally a $199.96 value; this is a 65% saving on each helicopter. DCS World offers some of the most realistic helicopter simulations available on the PC, and nothing compares to the helicopter combat environment that DCS World offers.

For new DCS World helicopter players, this is a rare opportunity not to miss in the Special Offer section of DCS

DCS World Update

Last week we released DCS World Open Beta version Unfortunately, as an open beta, it introduced a crash when using module maps and some VR-related issues. This week we addressed these issues in the Open Beta; however, we will be unable to move this Open Beta version to the Release version this week. Today’s Release version update will correct the AGM-65E crash.

Thank you for your patience.

DCS: P-51D Mustang Update

The Mustang was our first World War II aircraft and was pivotal in laying the ground work for our later warbirds. Since its initial release though, our graphic technologies have greatly improved, and the Mustang is starting to show its age. As with other DCS World aircraft, we are dramatically improving both the cockpit and external model of the Mustang. Both will use Physical Based Rendering (PBR) and Deferred Lighting (DF) to radically improve the aesthetics of this iconic DCS warbird. This will be a FREE update to Mustang owners!

Today we have some work-in-progress images of the updated cockpit.

DCS: NS 430 Navigation and Radio System Available on Steam

Purchase on the DCS Steam page

The NS 430 GPS navigation system, is an optional add-on module for most DCS World aircraft. It provides powerful, yet intuitive, navigation and radio communications options to supplement the navigation and radio systems already integrated into your aircraft. The NS 430 is particularly useful for older aircraft with less sophisticated navigation and communication systems.

This module provides ability to display the NS 430 as a pop-up window in almost all aircraft (except for those that have their own advanced navigation systems like the A-10C, Ka-50 and F/A-18C).

The NS 430 is also included as an integrated 3D cockpit panel for the DCS: Mi-8MTV2 and DCS: L-39 Albatros.

The NS 430 was introduced in 1997 and quickly became aviation's most popular GPS. Wide Area Augmentation System (WAAS) capability was added in 2006. The sharp, clear display and intuitive button layout of the NS 430 made it the standard for general aviation around the world.

The DCS NS 430 includes:

  • Dozens of user interface screens
  • Chapter and Page layout functionality
  • Moving map capability
  • Serves as both a communications radio, navigation radio, and GPS receiver
  • Concentric knobs are used to navigate the various pages, scroll through data, and enter information
  • Options to configure to displays based on user preference
  • The device supports navigation on next maps: Caucasus, Nevada, Normandy 1944 and Persian Gulf

The Eagle Dynamics Team