7 August 2020

Dear Fighter Pilot, Partners and Friends,

This week we are excited to share our progress on DCS World Dynamic Campaign Engine. This is quite a big step for us and despite the slow progress, we are optimistic that it will be a great enhancement to DCS. We cannot give you a firm initial OB release date yet as things are still quite raw, but we will keep you updated regularly as the next milestones come to pass.

Our third-party partners TrueGrit Virtual Technologies are working hard on the DCS: Eurofighter Typhoon. Please check out some of the cool stuff they are up to below.

We would like to thank our internal and external Beta-Testers Teams for the relentless testing and reporting in the lead up to the upcoming OB in mid August. We are optimistic about the rate of bug squashing and trust that performance will also improve in the coming releases.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

The Eagle Dynamics Team

Dynamic Campaign Engine

For DCS World

Dynamic Campaign Engine

The DCS World Dynamic Campaign Engine combines a Real-Time Strategy (RTS) engine with military forces and economics layers (production, logistics, use and transfer of resources) that pitch two opposing sides aided by advanced strategic and tactical AI.

We have now completed the core RTS logic and have connected it to DCS World. We are currently finalising the basics of the in-game economic models. We will be working on the combat tasking logic and certain win-win situations in the near future. The last stage will be the Client - Server architecture needed to support large campaigns with on-going online sessions.

We are certain that you will have many detailed questions and look forward to revealing more information on this module as and when we are in position to demonstrate some of the features live.

Eurofighter Typhoon

Development Report

Eurofighter Typhoon

"We at TrueGrit Virtual Technologies would like to take this chance to give you some latest updates concerning the Eurofighter Typhoon Development. It is with great pride that we can officially announce a collaboration with Diehl Defence GmbH.

Diehl Defence GmbH is located in Überlingen, Germany and is the manufacturer of the sophisticated IRIS-T missile. They are offering us full support in bringing the most realistic version of the IRIS-T to DCS World – as always within the limits of what can be released to a public platform like DCS. It will be available to you with the initial launch of the German Eurofighter Typhoon Version and will be your main heat seeking missile. With this collaboration we have come one step closer to bringing you the most realistic experience of the Eurofighter Typhoon possible.

We are working at full throttle on all areas of the project and are making good progress. The progress picture by the almighty Fragger shows the latest version of the cockpit.

We would like to thank you for your unwavering support and enthusiasm, as it is a constant reminder of what we are working towards and motivates us to give our best. You can be sure that every post, comment and feedback reaches us and is very appreciated."

— True Grit Virtual Technologies

P-47 Thunderbolt


P-47D Thunderbolt

The P-47 proved to be a formidable fighter-bomber due to its armament, heavy bomb load and ability to absorb enemy fire. The P-47's durability was due in part to its exceptionally dependable P&W R2800 radial piston engine, which unlike comparable liquid-cooled engines, had a high tolerance for damage. P-47 pilots frequently carried two 500 lb (227 kg) bombs, using a favoured skip bombing tactic, skipping bombs into railroad tunnels to destroy hidden enemy trains.

We are currently working on the bomb arming controls and detonation set-up adjustments. We are also working on the D-30 early and D-40 variants. Both versions include new modifications and improved damage modelling. These updates will be available in the up-coming DCS World Open Beta (OB) updates.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Kind regards,

The Eagle Dynamics Team