06 August 2021

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We would like to extend a special thank you to those who participated in the DCS: F-16C Viper Roadmap features poll. The ten thousand plus responses we received are a great help for prioritising the next stages of development. Please check out the details below.

The Pilot-Operator ATGM sight picture for DCS: Mi-24P Hind is receiving some needed attention and the new auxiliary camera will provide better frame rates and enhanced image quality. VR improvements are also included and are planned for the next Open Beta update.

A special note from our third party partners; TrueGrit Virtual Technologies and Heatblur Simulations. “Heatblur Simulations will develop and publish DCS: Eurofighter, with TrueGrit providing subject matter expertise, licenses and technical resources.” Together, the two teams will bring you an exceptional and realistic experience of this fabulous fighter.

DCS: MiG-21bis Constant Peg Campaign is based on operations carried out by the USAF's 4477th Test and Evaluation Squadron, the 'Red Eagles'. Fly 10 missions set in 1988 and replicate the unit's typical operations from Tonopah Test Range Airfield, Nevada.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics Team

DCS: F-16C Viper


F-16C Viper

DCS: F-16C Viper roadmap is now planned until the end of this year. Please note these are our current plans as of August 2021 and are subject to change.

Some features require a lot of effort and time, like HTS/HAD and AG radar, while the others are not as complex and can be completed sooner. We’ll start with the highest ranked and feasible features, and continue to bring you more and more DCS: F-16C Viper functionality.

Please read the DCS: F-16C Viper RoadMap on our forum.

DCS: F-16C Viper desired systems and payloads.

DCS: Mi-24P Hind

Development Progress

Mi-24P Hind

The majority of the Hind’s development team are currently having a well deserved vacation; however, we will still deliver a number of improvements in the upcoming patch. Most noticeably, a fully remodeled Pilot-Operator ATGM sight picture. The improved sight will use a new auxiliary camera instead of the MFD indicator functionality. All textures for the sight were also redrawn in higher resolution, providing better frame rates and visual quality.

VR implementation of the ATGM sight was a high priority too, and it will now occupy the whole view port with some free movement to reduce motion sickness. Dampening has been added to remove small twitches of VR motion sensors affecting the sight picture. We are currently testing more options for switches, which previously were only toggles as well as fixes for those commands that were not mappable to controllers.

DCS: Eurofighter

Development Progress

Eurofighter Typhoon

Our third party partners; Heatblur Simulations and Truegrit Virtual Technologies have joined forces to complete the development of DCS: Eurofighter. Check out the In Development Screenshots as we look towards a full report on their progress soon.

DCS: Constant Peg

MiG-21bis campaign by Bunyap

 Constant Peg

This campaign was designed in partnership with Steve Davies, author of Red Eagles: America's Secret Migs, host of the 10 Percent True: Tales from the Cockpit podcast and the authority on Constant Peg operations. He brought with him access to the real Red Eagles pilots, whose technical guidance was used to ensure the most realistic experience possible.

DCS: MiG-21bis Constant Peg Campaign is ready and will be released soon.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics Team