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DCS World 2.0.5

This weekend we are releasing a new version of DCS World 2.0 Open Alpha. The 2.0.5 version will include support for DCS: Spitfire LF Mk. IX. In addition to bringing this great aircraft module to DCS World 2.0, the update will also bring other benefits like updates to both the A-10C and F-15C Red Flag campaigns, new F-5E skins, fixes to the Spitfire and other aircraft modules, and VR improvements. You can read the complete changelog for DCS World 2.0.5 in the dedicated thread on DCS forum.

Note: The DCS World 2.0.5 Open Alpha requires the DCS: NEVDA Test and Training Range

If you already have DCS World 2.0 installed, please use the auto-updater to install 2.0.5.

DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range Bundle Deals

With the release of the DCS World 2.0 update, we are also offering several new WWII aircraft and NTTR map 40% off bundle deals! These include:

These bundle deals start today at 1500 GMT and will last until 06 February 2017 at 0900 GMT.

Please find the bundle deals in DCS E-Shop Special Offers

Spitfire Video Contest Winners

Once again, we had many outstanding entries to one of our video contest! We are happy to announce the following winners!

Estimates of these works are different just by one point. They are all very interesting.

And 4th place is also very close.

Well done and to all those that contributed!

Mission Building Contest

We have many very talented mission buildings in the DCS World community, and we'd like to offer some rewards to the most talented of you!

We hope this to be the first of many such mission building contests.

For this contest, the focus will be on missions that take place the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map and include any non-World War II aircraft.

Please read all the contest rules in the dedicated thread

The Eagle Dynamics Team