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03 March 2023

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We are pleased to update you on the development of the upcoming DCS: Normandy 2 map by Ugra Media who created the original Normandy 1944 and Syria maps. This is a massive enhancement to the most important WWII theatre and we are pleased to share Ugra-Media’s impressive progress; it is truly remarkable.

The Normandy 2 map, which is nearing completion, will include free upgrades to the existing Normandy 1944 map. It will also be available as a single, purchasable module. Please note that those of you who already own Normandy 1944 or Channel maps, the Normandy 2 upgrade will be available for only $14.99. Please read the details below and check out the Development Screenshots.

Our friends over at Hoggit are pleased to invite you to join their multiplayer server and growing space on Reddit. We are blessed to see all the growing communities and for all the effort going into them by the administrators and moderators. Thank you!

And thanks to all of you. Your trust, passion and support make our dreams come true.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

Normandy 2

Development Update

Normandy 2

We are excited to announce that this large-scale map of the Normandy region and southeast England will be available soon. Work on debugging and completion is in full swing. This map will include 69 airfields, many new towns and villages, ports, factories, and the capitals of London and Paris.

Normandy 2

The Normandy 1944 map will be updated such that it will be compatible with the Normandy 2 map in both single player and multiplayer. This includes the addition of many new and improved fields, cities, and villages that will now become unique and separate territories of France and England.

Other changes include improved buildings and structures, bridges, ports, roads and railways, forests, trees, sea cliffs, and coastlines. All Normandy 1944 map airfields will receive improvements, and their infrastructure and aircraft hangars will become more detailed and authentic. The entire map will receive a refresh to the seasonal changes of spring, summer, and autumn. As part of this free Normandy 1944 update, the five English airfields of Deadland, Friston, Lymington, Odiham, and Stoney Cross will become uniquely modelled. Additionally, 18 new airfields will be added, with 4 in England and 14 in France.

Normandy 2

The release of the new Normandy 2 map will also be a huge and free improvement to the Normandy 1944 map. This will allow all Normandy 1944 map owners to have all of the Normandy 2 map airfields at no extra cost. Having the same 69 airfields on both maps will allow players to share the sky in online campaigns and online missions. Ugra Media has done everything possible to remove any borders between the two maps.

The price of the Normandy 2 map is $59.99, but for all users of Normandy 1944 or Channel the new map will be available at a price of $14.99. The map will be available on both our eShop and Steam.

Normandy 2

Ugra-Media would like to thank the DCS Forum participants for their passionate interest in the project and for their active participation in the discussions. This feedback helped add the airfields of Orly, Stoney Cross, Lymington, Odiham, Deadland, Friston, Amiens-Glisy, Poix, and Ronai.

Great attention was given to creating unique objects, buildings, and structures for Paris and London that include famous historical monuments. Transport and military infrastructure have also been recreated in detail. We look forward to sharing more information soon.


Multiplayer Server


Hoggit is a superb and lively community that is focused on training and sharing content. They also host a number of excellent DCS servers. “We host a number of servers, ranging from persistent training scenarios to large-scale, all-out PVE conflict.” – Hoggit

The Hoggit Training servers feature every DCS module, and they allow you to try them out on a number of target ranges with automatically spawning targets on both Caucasus and Mariana Island theatres. They feature two dynamic PVE scenarios: Georgia at War and Persian Gulf at War. Both servers include a red-force commander that will use available REDFOR units to take theatre objectives. The persistent sessions save after a server restart and they include real-world weather and numerous other features. Join their Discord server.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics