08 March 2024

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

Today we celebrate International Women's day. Here’s to our mothers, sisters, wives, friends and all the other precious women in our lives!

Don’t miss all the great and free DCS content available in the User Files section. There are some truly impressive community-made missions, skins, mods and more for you to enjoy and all absolutely for free! 

We are delighted to introduce our new terrain engine scenery system that is now available in the latest version of DCS. Please make sure you update DCS to enjoy improved terrain details and optimised performance. Read the details below. 

Attention all talented campaign creators, we are looking for you! If you are interested in making campaigns for DCS, please get in touch.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

DCS User Files

Free Community Content

A valuable resource to all pilots is the User Files section. We have a tremendously active and talented community that creates fantastic, free content for DCS including aircraft liveries, missions, documents, audio, and other modifications. These missions offer endless hours of fun. The page allows you to sort by aircraft, map, and other filters to find the missions.

Each submission is first sent for review and approval to ensure a high standard of quality. The webpage also provides a reporting option for any issues that you may encounter with a submission. This is a great resource that we urge you all to take advantage of. We take this opportunity to thank all our contributors and look forward to all your future creations.

Terrain Scenery

Development Report


As DCS maps have increased quality, detail, realism, and complexity over the years, it’s been a challenge to balance this with maintaining a decent level of performance. With the most recent and upcoming maps, we have raised the bar to higher to provide a better balance. This has led us to rethink our approach to terrain scenery computing, instancing, and streaming.

Our task was to create a flexible system focused on utilizing and saturating an increasing number of compute cores in modern GPUs.

GPU Scenery Compute Time

The new scenery compute system achieved our ambitious goals of:

  • increased GPU performance
  • improved VRAM management
  • increased CPU performance
  • improved streaming from storage disk to VRAM with optimised CPU usage
GPU Scenery Compute Time

Our tests indicate a notable performance increase in densely built up scenes, depending on graphics settings and hardware. Please provide us with feedback on your enhanced DCS performance, we look forward to it!

Campaign Creators


F-16C Viper

If you are a talented mission creator and are interested in becoming an official campaign 3rd party, please get in touch! This allows you to exercise your passion while making an income. 

Prior to expressing your interest to us, first determine the details of your campaign like the aircraft the player will fly, over what map, the narrative scenario, and so on. The more detail the better. We’d also need to evaluate the first three missions of the campaign at a complete state.

With a cool idea for a campaign, you’ll also want to be deeply familiar with the Mission Editor, its trigger system, military practices, how to craft great briefings, be able to provide quality voice overs, and more. It can be a daunting task, but well worth the effort when creating something special that all DCS pilots can appreciate. In fact, more than one 3rd party campaign creator has made it their full-time job.

We hope that you take advantage of the thousands of community made free User Files and that the new terrain scenery system will enable you to see performance improvements across all maps. If you are a mission maker then please make sure to contact us via our Forums or on Discord. Additionally, please join us in celebrating all the important women in our lives on this special International Women's Day!

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics