and the F-4E Phantom II by Heatblur Simulations.

31 March 2023

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

The Heatblur team has started 2023 at full power and is executing on a broad, exciting and ambitious roadmap. Key focuses for the team are primarily the completion of the F-14 Tomcat and AJS-37 Viggen, as well as launch of the legendary F-4E Phantom II.

We are thrilled to share progress on the DCS: F-4E Phantom II by Heatblur Simulations. Please read the details below and check out the Development Screenshots. We are confident that Heatblur will deliver an exceptionally rich and compelling recreation of this iconic fighter.

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Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

F-14A/B Tomcat

Development Report

Currently, the Heatblur team is undertaking a large effort to refine and finalise the flight modelling of the F-14 Tomcat. In the previous update, the changes delivered were exclusively for the F-14A; the TF-30 powered version of the aircraft. The overall goal of this tuning pass was to even more closely match published performance data and ensure that the F-14A performs as it did in reality. The Heatblur F-14A is now more accurate in maintaining energy states across the whole flight envelope, meaning more accurate performance while manoeuvring. The flight modelling refinements for the F-14A are practically complete and the team is now focusing on the F-14B, the F110 engine powered variant of the Tomcat. If you’re interested in a full report and analysis of the changes, the methodologies used and the data sources involved, please read a full length report and article available here.

Chart Image

Other major additions to the F-14 and AJS-37 Viggen include quality of life features such as movable mirrors, new details for static aircraft, as well as the first version of “Forge” - a key feature of the DCS: F-14 Tomcat - enabling a more dynamic cockpit experience. Forge will add realistic dynamic elements to your cockpit, such as variations in equipment, field modifications or equipment commonly found in the aircraft. Later, this system will be fully customizable, so you will be able to customise your cockpit based on your preferences and put together your very own jet.


F-4E Phantom II

Development Report


The F-4E Phantom II is a 3rd generation multirole fighter aircraft, and formed the backbone of many air forces worldwide. Heatblur Simulations’ recreation of the Phantom aims to be as realistic as possible, and marries together a decade of development experience with a new, powerful next generation simulation framework created for all future Heatblur Simulations products.


DCS: F-4E is now approaching completion and an unveiling in preparation for early access release. Full completion of the following systems has occurred or is imminent:

  • Professional Flight Modeling (PFM)
  • APQ-120 radar and associated systems, based on a next generation physically based radar model
  • Weapons Systems
  • Flight control, trim feel and autopilot systems, accurately simulating pilot strength stick feel-dynamics
  • APR-46 RHAW radar warning receiver, a physically based analogue receiver with analogue sound synthesis
  • Mass Dynamics Systems, providing far more accurate and realistic simulation of all movable and physical components of an aircraft
  • Persistence and Wear Systems
  • …and much more

Currently, the Heatblur team is focused on completing some of the last remaining major items of the Phantom II, including some of the more unique and complex features found in other Heatblur modules, such as JESTER AI. JESTER AI is Heatblur’s proprietary AI technology to provide an immersive and unique experience for multi-crew aircraft, currently available in the DCS: F-14. DCS: F-4E will debut JESTER v2, a ground-up rewrite of JESTER AI, providing a better foundation for future extensibility, improvements and a more immersive experience. JESTER v2 will also serve as the foundation for future Heatblur aircraft, such as DCS: A-6E.


Stay tuned for a full unveiling of DCS: F-4E Phantom II as Heatblur Simulations reaches the end of the development process and dive deep into the aircraft, its systems and this release.

Free Trials


F-16C Viper

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