01 March 2024

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

In the most recent DCS update, Ugra Media has meticulously fine-tuned the DCS: Syria Map, embodying a commitment to precision and realism. The latest updates promise to immerse you further into this digital battlefield, enhancing both aesthetics and functionality. Please make sure you update to the latest DCS version to enjoy this and all the other additions and enhancements!

We're excited to update you on our progress to improve the weapon settings panel, especially pertaining to fuze settings for modern aircraft. The Mission Editor and Rearming/Refueling Panel weapons panel now caters to more complete setting up of bomb fuzes, laser code settings for Paveway II and III, cluster bomb configurations, airburst heights, and customizable parameters for seekers and control systems. Alongside these functional improvements, we've incorporated the long-awaited 3D nose fuzes based on nose fuze selection. Stay tuned for further information as we strive to deliver the most accurate simulation of such weapons available anywhere.

If you want to learn more about DCS and possibly participate in the multiplayer aspect, but are uncertain about where to begin, we are pleased to introduce you to the Wolf Pack Discord community. They are passionate (21+) DCS and aviation enthusiasts with members spanning every corner of the globe across numerous time zones. Joining Wolf Pack doesn't come with prerequisites such as training or a fixed schedule; you'll gain immediate access to all areas of their Wolfpack Discord.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

Syria Map

Recent Updates

A-10C II

In case you missed it, Ugra Media's most recent updates to the DCS: Syria Map delivered optimized scenes and models by reducing the number of bushes, and textures while simplifying damages and car models. Ground textures saw a boost in frame rate performance due to updates to the ground vector data renderer. 

Detailed enhancements cover the territories of southern Israel and Jordan, featuring additions like Amman, King Abdullah II, Prince Hassan, Muwaffaq Salti, and Herzliya airfields. Technical fixes addressed relays and ILS in Ramat David airfield, and errors in objects were also fixed. The adjustments to the sea depth near the shore and a tower frequency change at Wujah Al Hajar airfield improve realism, while Ein Shemer airfield benefits from a runway extension, and added parking lots at Ein Shemer, Megiddo, and Ramat David airfields.


Development Progress

We are pleased to share our progress on improving the functionality of the Mission Editor Payload settings window and the in-mission Rearm and Refueling pop-up. These interfaces will allow you much finer control of fuze settings, laser-codes, cluster bomb settings, unique 3D fuze models, and more. These panels will allow you to take “weaponeering” to the next level in DCS.

More specifically, we have focused on implementing bomb features that are relevant for modern munitions that include both general purpose bombs, sub-munitions, and guided munitions. This specifically includes setting the laser code (PRF) for laser-guided munitions like Paveway II and III, target spin rate at bomblet release for CBU-type munitions, airburst heights for munitions with radio-altimeters, and even adjusting seeker and control system parameters for weapons that have this capability.

Based on the nose fuze selection, the 3D models are now adjusted accordingly and even include sub-variants for nose plugs. We are also including bomb casings differences between USAF and US Navy weapons.


MP Server

F-16C Viper

Wolf Pack is a thriving community across more than 10 multiplayer servers encompassing every facet of DCS: from WWII PvP/PvE missions to a modern jet competition division. They host a campaign mission every Sunday and a weekly helo mission on Tuesday and Wednesday nights. They fly dedicated WWII missions every Thursday/Saturday night. 

Check out the Wolfpack Discord event tabs for the week's mission schedule, or jump into our Discord voice chat when you fly to team up with other wingmen.

As a dedicated DCS Community, Wolfpack welcomes members from other DCS groups. If you're part of another community or squadron, make sure to connect! Introduce yourself in the Discord "introduce-yourself" section, share your link, and recruit for your group. The aim is to foster collaborations with other DCS communities and squadrons.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics