and the latest on DCS: MB-339.

07 October 2022

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We are delighted to announce that Ugra Media’s next map will be DCS: Normandy 2. Using the skills developed whilst creating the outstanding DCS: Syria map, the new Normandy 2 map will use the latest DCS mapping technologies to create an epic World War II battlefield.

During the last months, IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulation has been improving and completing the features of DCS: MB-339 for its imminent release. These improvements will significantly enhance the unique flying experience that only DCS World can provide.

Please check out below DCS: Normandy 2 map details and the most up-to-date development progress of DCS: MB-339. These modules are both coming soon to your DCS World.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

Normandy 2


Normandy 2

The DCS: Normandy 2 map enlarges the DCS: Normandy 1944 map to 400 x 600 km to include London, Paris and the surrounding regions. Normandy 2 will feature over 130 original map objects and a detailed area six times larger than DCS: Normandy 1944.

Normandy 2

The Normandy map has been redesigned to include new churches, train stations, market squares, and gas stations, plus many other cultural and natural features. The United Kingdom region has been completely redone to a much greater level of detail and accuracy. This is in addition to also updating the French region.

Key Features of DCS: Normandy 2

  • Recreation of London and Paris.
  • Improved ground textures, roads, rail lines, fields, forests and new trees.
  • Additional telegraph and power poles, semaphores, fences and new buildings.
  • More accurate rivers and coastlines, including the chalk cliffs of southern England.
  • Updated and unique airfields with greater details and more equipment to better match the period. Normandy 2 brings the number of unique airfields to 50.
Normandy 2

DCS: Normandy 2 will benefit from new technology that allows existing maps to be extended with low-detailed areas. If you wish to pass on the upgrade, you may still join multiplayer servers and compatibility with campaigns will remain. Please note that the Normandy 2 upgrade is required to experience a much higher level of detail.

DCS: Normandy 2 will be available as a complete map for $59.99 USD. If you have either DCS: Normandy 1944 or DCS: The Channel maps, you can purchase Normandy 2 for $14.99 USD. If you own both, you can purchase DCS: Normandy 2 for only $9.99 USD.

DCS: MB-339

Development Report


The MB-339’s development will receive continuous improvements and additions that will result in the DCS: MB-339 being the most accurate reproduction of this aircraft for PC Flight Simulations. Major features at release will include the following:

Electrical System

Includes five separated DC bus (Essential, Primary, Secondary, Anti-Ice, Armament), six AC bus (115V Essential, 26V Essential, 115V Primary, 26V Primary, 115V Secondary, 26V Secondary), Circuit Breakers logic and BUS Reset switch. Each bus becomes active according to a specific logic based on Generators and Alternators activation. Load metres indicate the actual electric load on generator 1 and 2.


Hydraulic System

Two separated circuits (Main and Emergency). Main circuits provide power to the landing gear, wheel brakes, nose wheel steering, flaps, speedbrake, and aileron servo control. If you deactivate the aileron, you will not be able to make a complete lateral excursion of the stick. The excursion decreases if the airspeed increases for a dynamic pressure effect.

The emergency system provides the pressure required for the landing gear emergency extension and operation of the emergency brake. The parking brake is connected to the same circuit so if you activate the emergency brake, the anti skid will not work.

Anti-ice System

Canopy icing and windshield demister feature, pitot and AoA sensors anti-ice and engine anti-ice. Ice formation causes loss of aerodynamic and engine performance.


Pressurisation System

Based on the pressurisation chart reported in the flight manual, the cabin altitude gauge will show the actual equivalent cabin pressure. The system can be turned off via the dedicated guarded switch and the ram air scoop can be used to improve the cabin ventilation during an emergency in case of air contamination. Air contamination is not reproduced but activating the ram air scoop when the cabin is pressurised causes a loss of pressure. Also included is the possibility to regulate cabin temperature to avoid the canopy fogging.

Navigation System

VOR/DME, TACAN, ILS and GPS (with working CDU and possibility to set the DTC).

COMM1 and COMM2 radios

Reproduced according to flight manual procedures with three separated PTT. Stick PTT allows communication to selected radios on ICS panel, COMM1 and COMM2 PTTs located on the throttle, which allow communication on relevant radios overriding the ICS radio selection. DCS-SRS is compatible from day 1.


Armament System

Realistic master arm logic; if the master arm switch is turned on when on the ground, then in flight with the gear lever up it is necessary to turn off the master arm switch and then on again to allow weapon firing. Also working are the ground fire switch, fire inhibitor switch (for instructor station), fuze switch and single/ripple logic.

Oxygen System

Includes two separate bottles. Oxygen consumption is based on the number of pilots. If you select "solo" in the Mission Editor, you will have greater oxygen autonomy.

Fuel System

Fully working electrical and mechanical pumps, fuel dump, fuel unbalance and fuel transfer logic.

Also included is initial Multi-Crew synchronisation, an IFR Hood for training flights and a complete damage model.


The MB-339’s development is progressing very well, and we are confident with the current progress. With great pleasure we inform you of its imminent release. Please stay tuned for details and check out the Development Screenshots.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics