14 July 2023

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

The DCS Summer Sale ends on the 16th of July at 23:59 GMT ! Don’t miss the opportunity to grab some incredible offers on almost all our range of aircraft, campaigns, and terrains. Save up to 50% now in the Shop

We are excited to share that DCS: South Atlantic is receiving significant enhancements. Our partners, Razbam, have been actively developing and supporting the map  and we will soon be launching a major update. Read the details below and check out the Development Screenshots

The Grim Reapers community is not just about flying, camaraderie and friendship. Connect with like-minded aviators from all walks of life, forge lifelong bonds, and join us in regular community events, contests, and challenges. Their active Discord server is bustling with conversation, flight planning, and real-time support, ensuring you never fly solo in the virtual skies! Join Grim Reapers Discord

We hope you are enjoying your Summer. 

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

Summer Sale

Offer ends 16 July

Mi-24P Hind

The Summer Sale is arguably the biggest sale of the year with more modules at 50% off than usual. This is also the perfect chance for newcomers to join the DCS community and for seasoned veterans to expand their collection. Don't miss out! Check out some of the featured modules included in this year's Summer Sale:

A-10C II Tank Killer

A-10C Warthog

Get ready to dominate the battlefield with the legendary A-10C Thunderbolt II. Experience the thrill of piloting this iconic attack aircraft, renowned for its heavy firepower, advanced avionics, and exceptional durability. Now available at an exclusive 50% discount for a limited time at only $39.99 USD.

Persian Gulf

Persian Gulf Map

Immerse yourself in the beauty and vastness of the Persian Gulf Map, meticulously recreated with stunning visuals and unprecedented accuracy. Take part in intense aerial and naval operations within this beautiful environment, now available with a 50% discount.

Combined Arms

Combined Arms

Expand your experience beyond flying and take command of ground forces with Combined Arms! Operate tanks, infantry, artillery, and more, coordinating with your fellow pilots to conquer the battlefield. This essential addition to DCS is available now at an incredible 50% discount.

South Atlantic

Development Report

South Atlantic

This update will bring various improvements, including a major technology change for city blocks throughout the entire map. New points of interest (POIs) for cities, starting with Punta Arenas and Port Stanley have been added. Razbam are now using new city block models that are in line with the region's aesthetic. Additionally, they have made significant adjustments to tree distribution that aims to eliminate repetitive patterns across the map.

South Atlantic

The roads in all cities have undergone a major revamp, with new textures, models, and layouts. Rural areas have also received attention with the addition of new villages across the map. Furthermore, we have introduced a deep water port for Rio Grande, and completely reworked Port Stanley and Goose Green from the ground up.

Grim Reapers

Multiplayer Server

Grim Reapers Server

With a community of over 12,000 members, the Grim Reapers run a number of multiplayer servers covering basic flight for newer players to a more advanced server. They also run a WWII server and a couple of helicopter servers. Stay tuned on Sunday nights at 18:00 GMT for the Sunday Funday public event where anyone can come along and take part in a mass mission. Make sure to join their discord server.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics