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02 December 2022

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

The DCS World Autumn Sale 2022 is still ongoing, and we invite you to grab up to 50% savings across most of our aircraft, terrains and campaigns. This offer ends on the 4th of December at 23:59 GMT.

Since DCS primarily relies on a single thread for most of the heavy computational lifting, we are pleased to share good progress on the implementation of multithreading to the core engine. This development significantly alters the DCS architecture and will offer performance gains especially for highly complex missions. Please read the details below.

The Squadron Air-to-Air League (SATAL) hosted by DCS World Events is back for another PvP competition. Sign up now and watch the SATAL 2023 video.

Thank you for your passion and support.

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Autumn Savings

Last Chance to Save

Spitfire LF Mk IX

Make sure you do not miss out on the DCS World Autumn Sale 2022. It will run until the 4th of December at 23:59 GMT. In case you missed it, watch the video and check out the Shop.


Development Report

J-11A Flanker

To date, DCS has performed most of the computational workload on a single thread (some audio components were moved to a separate thread). This was not a problem in most cases because the Graphics Processor Unit (GPU) did most of the work, and FPS was mostly limited by the performance of the GPU.

As DCS evolved, GPUs have become much more powerful whilst the performance of a single CPU core remained practically unchanged. Instead, CPU manufacturers increased the number of cores rather than the clock speed of individual cores. As a consequence, DCS performance has become CPU-limited. In parallel, DCS World has become much more complex with increased reliance on CPU calculations that has exacerbated the problem.

To improve efficiency of CPU resources usage, we have reworked the core of our engine. First, at the architectural level, it has been divided into two main threads: graphical and logical. This opens up new possibilities for further thread parallelization of calculations in both the logical and graphical parts of the engine independently.

Second, to meet the requirements of scalable multithreading, and the needs of modern graphics APIs, the graphical engine part has been significantly enhanced. In addition, many subsystems have been updated, or written from scratch.

Internal testing has begun, and we plan to release the updated DCS graphic engine (EDGE) next year. The initial release of Multithreading support will contain a fully reworked engine including preparation of the graphical frame and the separation of the graphical and logical parts onto two independent threads.

It should also be noted that the most significant performance improvements will be regarding larger missions. This will be a welcomed change, especially in multiplayer where unit numbers are typically far higher. VR performance will also see a significant performance improvement in large missions.

Stay tuned for upcoming releases.

SATAL 2023

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F-16C Viper

DCS Events SATAL23 Survivor Series.

Embark on a 4-month league with 4 stages and 3 matches per team, per stage. Each stage brings a new level of difficulty and includes mountain terrain, night flying, weapon restrictions, a shrinking combat zone, and much more.

The match format means that complete matches will last less than one hour. All matches will take place in the Caucasus map. Stage 1 is set to commence mid- to late-January 2023.

At the end of the 4 stages, the top 16 teams will move into the Championship Elimination. This final stage will determine the winners of the DCS PvP Competitive Community.

The closing date for SATAL23 4v4 registrations is the 14th of December 2022 at 23:59 GMT. Read the SATAL23 Survivor Series announcement and make sure to join the community on the official DCS Events Discord.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

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