Read the latest report by Arges Engineering on the Mirage F1 EE, available in the latest Open Beta.

27 January 2023

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We hope you are all well and enjoying our Lunar Sale. Please note that this is your last chance to take advantage of some incredible bundle deals as well as up to 50% off most of our aircraft, theaters and campaigns. Many thanks for your support!

DCS Open Beta is now on version and includes native OpenXR support. A notable number of fixes, additions and updated Instant Action missions for the DCS: F-16C Viper, DCS: F/A-18C Hornet and DCS: AH-64D are included. Please read the full changelog. As previously announced, this year will see substantial extra resources allocated to improve the DCS Core and address longstanding bugs on the UH-1H, Mi-8MTV, F-5E, and more. Please stay tuned for upcoming details.

Aerges Engineering has introduced a new free variant for the fabulous DCS: Mirage F1. The EE version brings impressive capabilities, including the inertial navigation system and the new ALR-300 Radar Warning Receiver (RWR). Please read the details below and check out the trailer.

We are pleased to announce the newest campaigns by Reflected Simulations and StoneSky are now available. If you have not already taken the leap, please download the DCS: F-14 Speed & Angels and the DCS: MAD AH-64D campaigns now, you will be impressed!

As always, thank you all for your commitment to DCS and for making our dreams come true. Your passion and support make this community the very best!

Thank you for your passion and support.

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Mirage F1 EE

Development Report

Mirage F1 EE

The Aerges team is delighted to present the DCS: Mirage F1 EE, the aerial refueling capable version of the Spanish Air Force. This version also brings desirable capabilities such as the inertial navigation system and the new ALR-300 RWR, which includes a display, threat priority and specific threat warnings. The capability to equip the old RWR remains. The Mirage F1 EE (as well as the BE and M) is a core part of the DCS: Mirage F1 module, so no additional purchase is required to fly it.

Mirage F1 EE

Many other improvements are also available in the latest Mirage F1 update. One of the main focuses has been on polishing the pitch control and flight model, increasing the pitch up range, and adjusting drag values. The engine stall and the throttle controls have also been partially reworked. The radar has also seen multiple fixes such as elevation control, TL scan pattern, and target lock stability in 1-line scan mode. Finally, the S530F radar missile has been added. This weapon, which was extremely advanced for the era, is one of many other enhancements to this superb module.

Aerges will continue to work over the coming months to add even more improvements to the FM, radar, and RWR. They are also developing the BE and M versions which we hope will be available in the not too distant future.

New Campaigns

by Reflected Simulations and StoneSky


DCS: F-14 Speed and Angels Campaign

The new campaign by Reflected Simulations for the DCS: F14 Tomcat mentioned last week is now available in the latest DCS Open Beta on our Shop and on Steam.

DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign

The battle rages on! This time you play Captain Khalid Al-Mansouri, a Special Operations Squadron officer of the UAE Air Force with Bedouin ancestry. The DCS: MAD AH-64D campaign features a realistic story that will reveal interesting facts about the weapons and capabilities of the AH-64D. In this collaborative operation, you will take part in a NATO Helicopter-Ship Qualification over the Arabian Gulf and participate in large assaults as part of operation "Sweltering Heat". Download DCS: MAD AH-64D Campaign.

Thank you again for your commitment, passion and support.

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