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16 September 2022

Dear Fighter Pilots, Partners and Friends,

We are thrilled to introduce a new third party partner. AviaStorm is pleased to announce the development of the MRCA PA-200 Tornado, IDS variant. Please read the details below.

Whilst in a multiplayer mission, an often-requested feature for our multi-crew aircraft has been the ability to switch between the Pilot and Co-Pilot/Gunner seats. We are happy to say that the first integration of this multiplayer feature is now in testing for DCS: Mi-24P Hind and DCS: AH-64D.

We encourage you to check out the Growling Sidewinder Open Conflict server. This multiplayer server brings you an intense and challenging environment, guaranteed to test your skills. Join their Discord.

Thank you for your passion and support.

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics

DCS: Tornado



DCS: Tornado is the epitome of the multirole aircraft jointly developed by Germany, Italy and the United Kingdom. This two-seater, twin-engine, swing-wing multirole fighter was built in three variants, one of which is the Interdiction/Strike (IDS) variant. Powered by 2 RB-199 MK103 engines, the IDS was developed to meet the then NATO doctrine of low-level attacks against enemy airfields and fixed-positions, in any weather, and at any time of day.


AviaStorm's goal is to develop the best simulation of a 1989 German IDS Tornado for DCS. Their team has decades of experience in the simulation & gaming industry, and it boasts secured access to many resources (engineers, pilots, WSO, technicians and museums) that will provide them the necessary information.


Development Progress


We are pleased to announce the ability to switch seats in multiplayer will soon be coming to the DCS: AH-64D and DCS: Mi-24P Hind. If flying an AH-64D by yourself in a multiplayer mission, you will be able to switch between seats and allow the AI to occupy the other seat. If, however, you allow another human player to join your aircraft, you will be automatically moved to the pilot seat and the other human player will occupy the CP/G seat.

Growling Sidewinder

Open Conflict PvP Server


This popular server provides an intense PvP experience with ever changing threats. Expect to have players popping out from mountain valleys, or raining AMRAAMs from high altitudes. With no weapon restrictions and hot-started aircraft, you can practice your air-to -air combat skills against some of the best aces in the DCS community.

Thank you again for your passion and support,

Yours sincerely,

Eagle Dynamics