DCS 1.2.5 update 3 is now available

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12 aug
  • Fixed A-10A refueling and rearming.

  • Fixed A-10A salvo mode box on HUD.

  • Corrected localization for Czech versions of A-10A and Su-25 Quick Start.

  • Corrected debriefings.

  • Adjusted "shoulder size" from cockpit view.

  • Fixed Radar Warning Receiver (RWR) laser detection.

  • Resolved German version of Combined Arms missions.

  • Removed Russian texts from mission data.

  • Fixed two static buildings have the same name.

  • Corrected payload names for Russian localization.

  • Corrected typos in "The Serpents Head Coop" mission.

  • Fixed Ka-50 trimmer after "jumping" to a ground unit.

  • Fixed Ka-50 incorrect ejection from AI pilots.

  • Corrected A-10C Sim input commands for Russian localization.

  • Fixed Russian localization Encyclopedia: "АПА-50" instead "АПА-5Д".

  • Adjusted Combined Arms special options texts for proper case.

  • Corrected random failure option translations.

  • Fixed crash related to CMD loader.