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27 may
DCS World
  • Adjusted the Module Manager such that, when logged in, the Module Manager will now display the user’s login-name.
  • Fixed radars in track mode not being visible on Radar Warning Receivers (RWR).
  • The search/acquisition mode for the S-300 tracking/engagement radar (Flap Lid) has been removed.
  • Fixed missing search radar indications for the SA-6, SA-11, and I-Hawk.
  • DCS: A-10C Warthog
  • Replaced corrupted voice over files (Russian voice-over in A-10C training).

DCS: Combined Arms
  • The full rearming after activating autopilot after a gunshot is fixed.
  • Fixed incorrect machine gun ammo displaying after switching on autopilot for a client.
  • Fixed binocular view when using a two-monitor configuration.

DCS: Black Shark 2
  • Spanish localization: Missing textures for Ka-50 in some missions has been fixed.

DCS: P-51D Mustang
  • Corrected in-cockpit sound glitches.
  • The mirror can now be closed after deploying with a mouse click.
  • ATC in radio menu is fixed for the P-51D.

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Corrected S-25 rockets remaining in payload after salvo launch.
  • Standby compass back lighting is now working.

DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • Increased UH-1H durability after a hard landing (lowered explosion threshold).
  • The spontaneous yaw "jerks" has been fixed.
  • Added the most recent version of Flight Manual.
  • Added functional ground crew to the FARP for a UH-1.