DCS 1.2.6 update 1 is now available

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2 oct
DCS Update 1 - Change Log

DCS World
  • Fixed crash when loading mission from a public server.
  • Fixed crash after jumping from aircraft during an "Autostart".
  • Fixed crash when try to lock ground target when using Easy Radar mode.
  • Fixed crash after collision of two aircraft.
  • Fixed crash when player gets close to column with delayed start.
  • Fixed crash after plane switches to glide path.
  • Kuznetsov ATC can now recover multiple flights without causing collisions.
  • Fixed IR pointer when using Combined Arms.
  • Corrected SSE: Empty Error message on coalition.addGroup().
  • Glide slope ring and К, Г marks for landing mode are now present for airfields with full Russian ILS system.
  • Restored Flight tasking commands when not in Game Mode. Attack air defenses: LWIN-D. Attack ground units: LWIN-G. Attack your locked target: LWIN-Q.
  • Fixed 'Value' in trigger 'Bomb in zone' trigger action.
  • Fixed missing text: "2, rolling" when starting taxi.
  • Corrected R-73 DLZ for AI. They should no longer launch outside their DLZ.

DCS: Black Shark 2
  • IT-23 symbology aspect has been corrected.
  • Fixed joystick commands for kneeboard.
  • Fixed missing target markers on Ka-50 Easy Radar.
  • Fixed simulator crash when loading standard arcade mission for Ka-50 when using Easy Avionics mode.

Lock On: Flaming Cliffs 3
  • Su-33 falling through the flight deck when landing on the carrier has been fixed.
  • F-15C and Su-33 unable to connect twice to tanker in network play has been fixed.
  • F-15C Tanker AP won't disengage when online has been fixed.
  • F-15C ADI LNAV "Jiggle" has been fixed.
  • Autopilot. ALTITUDE HOLD, BAROMETRIC OR RADAR ALTITUDE HOLD issues have been fixed.
  • Several A-10A switches have had their position set to on: PAC Switch, Inverter Switch, AC Gen Switches, Radar Altimeter Switch, Anti Skid Switch, Fuel Boost Pump Switch, and Engine Fuel Flow Switches.

DCS: Combined Arms
  • Fixed crash occurring when Targeting Panel of selected unit is viewed.
  • Keyboard input script has been corrected.

DCS: A-10C Warthog
  • Fixed tanker not completing refueling when in network play.

  • Implemented “Game Mode” flight model.
  • Fixed "floating" UV-26 indication textures.
  • Added "RI-65 is operative" voice message when turning on the VWS.
  • Implemented “Game Mode” flight model.

DCS: UH-1H Huey
  • Fixed M134 minigun firing audio.
  • Fixed AI UH-1H helicopters’ inability to fire M134 minigun.
  • Fixed autostart.
  • Flexible Sight line of sight is now controlled separately from view camera control using the [;] [,] [.] [/] commands if TrackIR Aiming option is OFF.