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5 may

BuddySpike is going to offer Blue Flag scenarios that will include live statistics, an online live map and will feature historically accurate locations that were used by military personnel during the different wars in the region. Here is a list of the upcoming scenarios that Buddyspike is planning to host:


Suez Crisis (Operation Kadesh) war, mainly between Egypt and Israel in northern Sinai peninsula. This Blue Flag scenario will include various Air operations and ground warfare in the famous areas of this war. Each coalition will be able to push through Sinai to occupy all the objectives and get control of the peninsula.

1967 - 1973

Starting from the Six-Day war (1967) through the war of attrition (1967 - 1970) and finally to the Yom Kippur war (1973) of the entire Sinai peninsula. This Blue Flag scenario will include more modern air, ground and naval operations of the 70s. It will incorporate current DCS modules and will also be ready for upcoming modules, simulating the war in all of the peninsula and the famous push points and stand offs between the Egyptian and Israeli armies and air forces.

Along with the above historical scenarios, Buddyspike is planning 2 other impressive theoretical scenarios in Sinai. The Semi Active Radar Homing (SARH) scenario that includes Fox-1 capabilities and weapon availability of the era. As well as a modern scenario that will include all modern weaponry and ammunition.