F-15C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign

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15 jan
F-15C: 16-2 Red Flag Campaign

Starting today, the F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is available for purchase and download from: F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign

The F-15C 16-2 Red Flag Campaign is a depiction of flying the F-15C Eagle during a typical Red Flag exercise in the skies over Nevada. This campaign includes extensive briefing, map, and lineup card PDF files for each mission and was designed in consultation with the renowned author Steve Davies, the authority on the F-15C.

All of the missions are based on input from real F-15C pilots that have flown in Red Flag exercises and will provide you a challenge that will test even the most skilled virtual pilots.


Note: this campaign requires ownership of either DCS: Flaming Cliffs 3 or F-15C for DCS World, along with the DCS: NEVADA Test and Training Range map. For those that pre-purchased the Nevada map and elected to receive this map for free, you will now be able to activate this campaign from the DCS World 2.0 Module Manager.