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DCS: World
P-47D Thunderbolt
"Do Right Baby" - Racing/Comic Art Livery
Type - Skin
Author - Quartermaster
Date - 02/20/2021 22:18:20
** Fictional - Just for fun ** Roger Rabbit-themed heavy art livery with multilayer PBR materials throughout the artwork, because I was bored
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 122.37 Mb
  • Downloaded: 48
  • Comments: 3
DCS: World 2.5
A-10C II Tank Killer
Phoenix I for A-10A, A-10C, and A-10C II
Type - Skin
Author - freedomtrooper
Date - 11/04/2020 05:34:19
So I was not happy with my first A-10 Skin, so I went in and started over, redoing it from the ground up, also added in Air Force Tail number Nomenclature for fun as well as a new emblem.  This obviously is not real world, just a cool looking skin I did for fun.

To use this skin just put the folder labeled Phoenix 1 in your

"Program Files/Eagle Dynamics/DCS World/CoreMods/aircraft/A-10/Liveries/A-10A, A-10C or A-10CII"

I used Gimp, DXTBmp, Notepad++ to make this skin.  I also left the xcf files in the folder.  

Hope you enjoy
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 38.74 Mb
  • Downloaded: 213
  • Comments: 1
Any version
F/A-18C Hornet
F/A-18C wrong-carrier tags
Type - Skin
Author - Bipolarbear
Date - 10/07/2020 17:55:18
Ever landed on the wrong carrier? Tried to land on the supercarrier without owning it? Thought nobody noticed? You should be so lucky! Wear the skin of shame, marked with graffiti from the deck crew to atone for your sins
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: Any language
  • Size: 10.26 Mb
  • Downloaded: 109
  • Comments: 2