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DCS: World 2.7
Author - ElementLT
Date - 05/11/2021 22:35:23
FORT Washington is currently under construction near the town of Poti. Your task is to pickup troops fr om recently captured Russian base Nalchik and transport them to FORT Washington wh ere a CH-47 Chinook is awaiting the troops. Use flight plan and Waypoints to fly assigned route. Use F10 menu to board/unboard troops. Follow the "follow me" truck at Nalchick to your assigned parking spot. Once  you are in your parking spot, use F10 to board troops. Your parking spot at FORT Washington is located directly in front of Warehouse #2. (See briefing for details) Once parked, use F10 menu to unboard your troops. They will then board on the near by helo and fly off to there mission.
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