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DCS: World 2.5
F/A-18C Hornet
Fast and furious - Voiced  - SNG Player Mission - Caucasus F/A18 2.5 ( no MODS required )
Author - preacher316
Date - 02/13/2020 03:12:01
For no apparent reason, the enemy has just delivered a fatal blow to your base camp. Peace talks were under way and nearly completed, so this was a complete surprise. Black Shark attack helicopters came in at low level and struck every aircraft on the base, except one. There is only one that can get airborne. The ground crew is working on a second, but there's no time wait. You have just been ordered to get it off the ground and make sure those helicopters are "abolished from the sky". As you approach them to deliver justice, you're informed that the enemy is aware of your potential strike and has scrambling Migs to intervene with your plans.

Update: Migs now set to "Random" skill level. And the increased difficulty in the COMS Menu, might be a little "too difficult" as is? So, it's now more doable.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
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