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DCS: World 2.5
AJS-37 Viggen
Author - VRACG-Tempest
Date - 01/11/2021 10:44:27
GUERILLAS WITH WINGS! Can the Georgia disperse its forces, survive a determined Russian attack and land a killing blow?

FIGHT FROM THE FORESTS! Experience the exhilaration of road-base operations, now with rearming, refueling and TACAN!

Theatrics aside, this is a complete rebuild of my original Roadrunner mission. Now we fully functional road-bases that you can rearm, refuel and launch from.
The mission is still being worked on but as it stands it can be flown and is an absolute blast.

Unlimited distribution, go nuts people.

Email me at: alexanderryanjones1991 (at) googlemail . com
Please put "ROADRUNNER" in the subject line!

  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 1.09 Mb
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Any version
Author - evanf117
Date - 12/08/2020 22:48:56
4 farp's 2 small 2 mid sized the mid sized farp's require the French pack
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Do Not Redistribute
  • Language: English
  • Size: 15.74 Kb
  • Downloaded: 238
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Any version
AJS-37 Viggen
Date - 11/06/2019 08:32:10
Update: No civilian traffic
Operate from a Road Base in the Viggen
For one to two players. Dynamic and randomized response is designed into this multi-sortie mission/operation. The enemy reacts according to your course of action creating a dynamic battlefield.
Available in Clear Weather (Summer Heat), Adverse Weather (Summer Rain), and Night Summer Time (8 PM Summer Heat making for a time-limited game--about 90 minutes). The Night Summer Time Version is best for practicing landing on the Road Base as the Road for landing is clearly outlined by the setting sun. Land on the Kobuleti Airbase when you're done.
How would you react if you were the Russians?! Use prudence and discretion. You need to create your own waypoints through the F10 map. Don't forget to delete the waypoints and clear your Data Cartidge prior to making and inserting new waypoints. Choose Data Cartidge for the F10 map. If you fly with a team mate, your wingman will share yours
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 373.84 Kb
  • Downloaded: 323
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DCS: World 2.5
AJS-37 Viggen
Operation Sirloin
Author - JaneyBananey
Date - 09/25/2019 23:11:37
This is a three-player Viggen ship strike mission! You'll be supported by two wingmen, and using your RB-04 missiles, you are tasked with inflicting heavy losses on Soviet shipping off the coast of Sweden (here played by a part of the Southern Russian coast.) My wingman and I came up with this mission in a very short span to train radar masking and low-altitude flight, and then invented a plot to go with it. You'll be taking off from and landing at a road base. There's also a short summary of the plot we came up with for this file specifically. Training outcomes: CK 37 data input, CK 37 new waypoint creation, terrain flying, RB-04 missile study, ground SAM evasion. This mission was originally designed to be used with German skins my wingman made. If there is enough demand for them, we will upload them here.
  • License: Freeware - Free version, Unlimited distribution
  • Language: English
  • Size: 19.04 Kb
  • Downloaded: 189
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