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DCS: World 2.5
Planes of Fame Museum MiG-15bis "1051" (v1.0)
Type - Skin
Author - GVad The Pilot
Date - 03/02/2021 06:26:25
This is the livery of a Planes of Fame Museum owned MiG-15bis. It is based in Chino Airport, California. This MiG-15 is used for airshows around the US and it usually flies along a F-86 Sabre, also owned by the museum. It was recently used for filming in the upcoming movie "Devotion" based on a real life story of Naval Aviator Jesse L. Brown. Its livery is both North Korean and Soviet. I tried to make it accurate down to every scratch, including the glue left over from the left side of the nose when the numbers were moved. Enjoy.
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