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DCS: World
UH-1H Huey
Mision de Campaña - "El jodido Hidalgo" - Operacion Angel Caido
Author - Ghostwalker212
Date - 01/28/2018 22:51:43
2ª Misión de la Campaña "El jodido Hidalgo" (Actualizado para DCSW 2.5)
Durante la misión "Rio Bravo", un A10 fue derribado, el piloto logro un aterrizaje de emergencia pero ha quedado atrapado en el avión.

La Campaña así como todas sus misiones están en fase de pruebas. (Se agradecen comentarios sobre fallos detectados)
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DCS: World 2.7
Type - Skin
Author - Strikesabre98
Date - 12/11/2021 13:17:12
guys I am pleased to announce my new livery based on the brand new MIL-17 delivered to MALI from Russia just in these days, based on a thorough research I managed to get a possible tail number and a possible coloration based also on the previous MIL-35 of Mali. P.S. I will improve it when there are more photos around it is very '' fictional '', I hope you like it, feel free to improve it and leave a comment I'm not an expert, it's just a hobby for me, I don't want to replace those who are better of me .
thank you :3
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