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DCS: World 2.5
F-16C Viper
Type - Skin
Author - EIGHTBALL73
Date - 11/02/2020 22:39:08
DCS World livery for Royal Danish Air Force F-16BM Fighting Falcon ET 210 JSF Test Support.

As part of the F-35 Lightning II Integrated Test Force, Denmark has contributed with an F-16BM Fighting Falcon and the renowned testpilot LtCol Casper ‘PEL’ Nielsen and maintenance technicians, flying as a chase plane out of 461st FLTS Edwards Air Force Base, California from 2008-2016.
During this period it has performed more than 1100 missions in support of the F-35 flight tests.
The aircraft has acted in the role as safety chase, photo chase and test support aircraft.

Updated 18-11-2020.
New cockpit panel.
Updated 17-12-2020.
New and corrected warning stencils.
Adjusted color speed brakes.
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