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Spitfire LF Mk. IX
Type - Skin
Author - Jumper77A
Date - 05/18/2022 04:24:01
Spitfire RR232 was built at Castle Bromwich by Vickers Armstrong and delivered to the RAF in October of 1944 where it served as a high altitude fighter. Post-war this aircraft was sold to the South African Air Force and was damaged and subesquently put into storage after a "ground loop" incident in 1954. The aircraft made it back to the UK in 1986 and was again made airworthy in December 2012. The aircraft was painted as "City of Exeter" and performs regularly at airshows around the UK.

Visit for more information on this aircraft and the amazing work done at Goodwood Aerodrome...

V1.0: 17 May
V1.1: 18 May: Corrected Canopy Frame paint mismatch and rough areas around canopy frame on fuselage.  Improved "City of Exeter" color (Not reflected in photos)
V1.2: 17 June:  Total Roughmet revamp using new techniques.  I am happy with the results.  
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