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DCS: World 2.0
Uploaded by - markuswohlgenannt
Date - 09/19/2017 05:28:43
Red forces are dug in at Creech AFB. Blue forces are based at Nellis AFB.

Take Creech AFB. All enemy vehicles, aircraft and structures at Creech are to be destroyed. This task falls primarily on A-10C drivers. After this has been achieved, land infantry forces at the airfield to complete the mission. Hueys can load and offload troops using the F-10 menu (or F-7 decent menu)

This is a cooperative MP mission for the blue side, but it can also be played in SP (especially combined with the cheat feature, see below)

edit: 12/13/2017: fixed scripting bug that causes mission to freeze at random times
edit: 12/17/2017: added AV-8Bs in the SEAD and CAS role. JTAC can be activated by airlifting infantry troops to its location.
edit: 12/21/2017: added scripted JTAC that lases targets for AV-8Bs (access via F10 menu)
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