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DCS: World 2.5
Bedlam Bridges
Author - herky
Date - 11/20/2018 20:58:04
Engage armoured columns moving north towards Beslan airbase. Fly repeated attack missions using guided ordinance, if possible. Additional support (SEAD/CAS) is available from "other" radio menu, should it be required.
The mission comes with the Mirage 2000c as the primary "player" airframe. You may substitute the M2k with any of your favourite ships!
On call SEAD/CAS is available from the "other" radio menu.
CTLD JTAC is in use, but also standard DCS JTAC is available. Whilst not essential, if your airframe does not have a Lightning pod, or similar self designation systems, then JTAC is needed for any LGB use.
Radio frequencies are provided in the briefing.
You will begin with an "invulnerable" aircraft. If you feel confident enough, you may revert to "vulnerable". But be warned, the Sam threat must be neutralised, before attacking the armour!
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