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DCS: World 2.5
Crossing Sinai
Author - Amscot
Date - 02/23/2021 15:20:19
Historical Background
March 19, 2003

CVN-75 is currently on station north of Alexandria, Egypt.
Turkey, Israel, Jordan and Syria have denied airspace use for Operation Iraqi Freedom missions. CNO had directed that the Med carrier groups will have to return home if they cannot contribute to the ATO for OIF.
This left the Tomcats of VF32, Prowlers of VAQ 130, Hornets of VFA 37,105 and VMFA 115 no choice but to route down the Sinai Peninsula, across the Gulf of Aqaba then  enter Saudi Arabian airspace south of the Jordanian border, continue through Saudi Arabia and on to Iraq and targets in Baghdad.  These events are detailed in "Tanker Pilot" by Mark Hasara (LCol. USAF ret), in the chapter "Cyrus Crosses  the Sinai". Naturally tanker support was critical for mission success. Take on the role of Capt. Mark "Cyrus" Vance, CAG of CVW3 to plan and execute a mission to take out the Baghdad AD Command Center
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DCS: World 2.5
F-14 Tomcat
Operation Enduring Freedom First Strikes
Author - Amscot
Date - 11/20/2020 14:06:19
Naval air ops for Operation Enduring Freedom kicked off the night of October 7, 2001 with 2 strikes from CVW-11 based off CVN-70 in the North Arabian Sea. One was to neutralize air defenses in the Kabul area the other was a combined TARCAP and precision strike in western Afghanistan close to the Iranian border.
This mission is based on the latter sortie flown by Cdr A. Giaini, the XO of VA-213 Blacklions, and his wingman as detailed in “F-14 tomcats in Operation Enduring Freedom” by Tony Holms
This package of 2 aircraft from VA-213 were tasked to provide escort and TARCAP for a division of B1B bombers attacking the Herat airbase then head south to Farah to destroy the Taliban communications center inside the village with LGB’s
After meeting up with the bombers and crossing into Afghanistan the codeword “Indian Country” was passed and they proceeded north to Herat. Well outside the range of AWACS, they relied on the Tomcats radar for any enemy interception. Not showing any airborne threats, and switching to the LANTIRN pod, RIO Lt Cdr Claffy was surprised to see “a pristine Mig-21 sitting on the ramp attached to it’s huffer…as the miles marched down it became apparent there was no activity around this jet…we decided to take it out with a GBU-12.  I had never before delivered a LGB, never mind one in combat, and held my breath. I watched the GBU-12 streak towards the target on my FLIR, hitting the MiG-21 amidships blowing chunks all over the airfield. ‘Good kill, good kill’ we said to each other as I switched back to air-air mode…..”
Cdr Gianini and Lt Cdr Claffy went on to successfully locate and destroy the communications complex in Farah with two perfectly placed GBU-12, minimizing collateral damage.
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