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A-10C Warthog
Author - Repsol
Date - 12/17/2012 01:26:04


In the 2012 presidential election Micheil Saakasjvilli won the election and with that the "united national movement"-party lost power and was replaced by the more pro-western "Georgian dream"-party.
During the next couple of months president Saakasjvilli launced a number of reforms to increase the freedom of speech and democratic rights for the georgian people.
This was a very welcome change to most of the neigbouring countries and also to EU and other western countries.
Russia on the other hand was not very pleased.
Russia used to have very good relations with- and high influence over the former goverment in Georgia (united national movement) and this drift towards western democracy  was not something the Kremlin approved of.
Things turned for the worse when Georgia applied for full membership in NATO in late september 2012.
Russia informed the western countires that a Geogian membership in NATO was totally unacceptable and a threat to national security.
Relations between Russia and the west hit rock bottom.
To avoid a new cold war - the Georgian request was turned down by NATO.
Inside Georgia - not everyone approved of this pro-western approach of the new goverment.
Many 'oldtimers' did not understand this democracy thing and missed the good old times with communism.
Rumours of a conspiracy could be heard and finally on oktober the first the military revolted and arrested president Saakasjvilli.
This military coup was lead by no other than Davit Kezerasjvili, the minister of defence in the new goverment and one of president Saakasjvillis most trusted men.
The majority of the Georgian people did not approve of this military coup and the streets soon got crowded by protesting civilians demanding the imediate release and reinstatment of president Saakasjvilli.
At first the demonstartions were allowed but as the protests grow they were brutaly knocked down by the armed forces.
The military coup was however not a total succes.
The abkhazian part of Georgia, being the most pro-western, never accepted nor took part in this coup. Both the military and political leaders in Abkhazia supported president Saakasjvilli.
The Abkhazian part of georgia soon became the base for the oppsition.
What had started as peaceful demonstation more and more turned to armed resistance as the brutallity of the new military goverment grow.
A number of rebel groups had formed and they saw it as their duty to do their best to protect the civilians as best they could.
Regular military units fr om the Abkhazian part of Georgia soon joyned the rebels in their strugle against the military goverment in Tiblisi...

The conflict more and more started to look like a full civil war. The rebel side was however hopelesly under-gunned and few in numbers.

The situation for the civilans soon got unberable and the number of refuges in the neigbouring countries grew at an alarming rate.
In an attempt to force the new leadership in Tbilisi to stop with their murdering of innocent civilian the UN inflicted a number of resolutions against the Georgian leadership...   freezing funds and more.
This did little to stop the brutal killing. Many expressed the opinion that the UN needed to use military force to remove the new, undemocratic goverment and reinstate president Saakasjvilli.
Russia, however, protested and the UN could not come to a decision to use military force.
As the weeks passed and the apparent warcrime after warcrime were broadcasted on the internet and television the Russian resistance to a military intervention declined.
On the 3rd of november Russia finally agreed to the use of 'lim ited' military force to expel the unlawful goverment in Tiblisi.
The first step in this military intervention was to annonce a No-fly zone over Georgia to prevent the tiblisi leadership to use the airforce aginst rebel and civilan targets.
NATO fighters based in Turkey were to enforce this no-fly zone.
A few days later the 74th fightersquadron based at Moody AFB and its A10s were transfered to Sukhumi airbase in Abkhazia with the task to conduct strikemissions against goverment forces targeting civilan areas.
There would be no TOTAL airwar this time though. The goal was not the complete destruction of the goverment armed forces.
The russians would not allow it. Only goverment forces directly targeting civilians could be attacked.
This ment that the Georgian air defence network were more or less intact.
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A-10C Warthog
Author - Repsol
Date - 03/20/2012 01:36:22
This is the 2nd mission in the "Krasnodar Hitmen" campaign
(to be found in the missions forum)
Version 3 replaces the text messages from previous version with
voice messages.
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