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DCS: World
UH-1H Huey


Author - HawgDawg4life
Date - 08.08.2014 06:01
Complex multi-player mission by HawgDawg4life of the group.

Norfolk-N-Way (A prelude to War) created by HawgDawg4Life of
V 5.0

Type: Coop, Difficulty is high

Aircraft: UH-1, A-10C, KA-50, P-51, TF-51, F-15, Mi-8,

This mission is complexed and takes time to complete.

We (da blue guys) occupy the southern most airport (Batumi) and the airport in Kobuleti. It is our intention to attack the enemy command center. Our A-10's will cut a path from Poti, through Senaki and down the main road toward their CC.

We have a deep cover operative high in their ranks that has risked his cover to get the following message to us.

~Naval Forces Oscar Mike. Stop
~Attack now. Stop
~Opp lost 7 days. Stop
~Cover compromised. Stop
~Request Evac. Stop
~Hard Intel in hand....

Thats when the transmission was severed. We dont know if our asset is alive or dead. We are assuming he has or had additional intel on the enemy. We are sending a black ops huey into the area to recco and evac  our asset if possible. We are going to need a volunteer for this one. It is a suicide mission, but the intel is vital to our campain.  

Version 5.0 is a total rework of this map and includes the following.
- Blue Carrier moves up the coast to poti for refuel and rearm.
- Asset extraction (spy) added
- Enemy Fisherman Added (What?)
- Enemy Aircraft enter randomly
- Blue Ground Forces added (find them if you can)
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