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UH-1H Huey
Civilian Air T&G UH-1H Australia

Civilian Air T&G UH-1H Australia

Type - Skin
Author - tromac
Date - 14.04.2016 12:21
1.1 - Updated folder structure to support JSGME.

The Uh-1H flown by Air T&G out of Balina, New South Wales, Australia.

There are only 11 civilian UH-1H registered within Australia. I wanted to create some skins based on real life Australian Hueys. I love the look of the Air T&G chopper when I came across a photo during a Google search.

Air T&G fly out of Balina, New South Wales near the Queensland border. Air T&G fly:
-Helicopter tours over Byron Bay and Ballina
-Helicopter flight training – become a commercial helicopter pilot
-Aerial photography / Aerial filming
-Helicopter safety courses
-Mining support
-Emergency Services including Fire Fighting & Flood relief
-Powerline patrols

The incredible nose art was painted by Travis Bristow of Ocean Creative Travis kindly provided a copy of the artwork to me for this skin.
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