Lino_Germanys Beacon Map (Version 1.47)

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Lino_Germanys Beacon Map (Version 1.47)

Lino_Germanys Beacon Map (Version 1.47)

Type - Document
Author - Lino
Date - 19.03.2017 08:45
Based on the DCS mission editor map, I´ve prepared a BEACON MAP that shows the exact positions of NDBs, VORs, RSBNs, Markers etc.

I think that makes navigation easier.

Latest fixes:
Morse codes for the NDBs at 37T LM 879 613 and at 38T MM 281 519 fixed.

As always, it´s a pleasure to receive improvement suggestions from the community.

Please visit to leave any feed back, comments, suggestions.

Für alle, die lieber deutsch schreiben wollen:
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