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DCS: World 1.5
A-10C Warthog
OpenBeta A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Part B

OpenBeta A-10C Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification Part B

Type - Campaign
Author - Sabre-TLA
Date - 19.03.2016 12:45
A 10 Mission Campaign that covers Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification in the A-10C Warthog.

The A-10C Pilot Qualification Course has the following phases

Phase 1: Academic Classes and Pre-Flight Training
Phase 2: Basic Flight Training Qualification
Phase 3: Advanced Aircraft Training Qualification
Phase 4: Tactical Training Qualification

Phase 1 gives you Initial Qualification Training (IQT) and is a pre-requisite for Phase 2.  Hopefully you have completed Phase 1 and are familiar with the A-10C aircraft systems and instruments. If not, please read the A-10C Flight Manual before continuing.  

Phase 2 gives you Basic Aircraft Qualification (BAQ).
It is a pre-requisite for Phase 3. It is recommended that you complete that phase before proceeding to Phase 3.

Phase 3 makes you Basic Mission Capable (BMC).  It is a pre-requisite for Phase 4.

Phase 4 makes you Combat Mission Ready (CMR).  This is necessary before proceeding on any real combat missions.

The goal of the A-10C Pilot Qualification Course is to prepare Cadets for combat operations flying the A-10C in a number of mission roles. Commanders require pilots with the skills and training necessary to be successful on the battlefield.

Each Phase of training will contain individual Performance Objectives (POs) that must be met to pass the course. Performance Checks (PCs) will be used to determine if you have met the requirements of the PO.

Following each flight (known as a Check Ride) your Flight Examiner (FE) will rate you using one of the following proficiency levels as directed in A/OA-10 – Aircrew Evaluation Criteria: AFI11-2A-OA-10V2:

Qualified (Q): Performance is correct. Quickly recognizes and corrects errors.

Qualified Minus (Q-): Performance is safe, but indicates limited proficiency. Makes errors of omission or commission.

Unqualified (U): Performance is unsafe or indicates lack of knowledge or ability.

In addition for any flight missions:

Qualified (Q): Altitude +/- 200 feet, Airspeed +/- 5%, Course +/- 5 degrees / 3 NM (whichever is greater)

Qualified Minus (Q-): Altitude +/- 300 feet, Airspeed +/- 10%, Course +/- 10 degrees / 5 NM (whichever is greater)

Unqualified (U): Exceeded Q- limits

Phase 3 - Advanced Aircraft Training has the following stages:

Advanced Flight Training Stage

AFT01 - Air to Air Refueling Day
AFT02 - Air to Air Refueling Night
AFT03 - Countermeasures and Threat Avoidance
AFT04 - Target Area Ingress Preparation
AFT05 - Illumination Flare Employment

Air to Air Combat Stage:

AAT06 - AA Gun and Missile Employment

Surface Attack Stage:

AAT07 - Gun & Rocket Employment
AAT08 - Unguided Bomb Employment
AAT09 - Guided Bomb Employment
AAT10 - Missile Employment

At the completion of this phase you will be considered Basic Mission Capable (BMC).

Good luck Stud.  You are going to need it!


This campaign uses the Caucasus Map.

This is the A-10C AAT Campaign ported to DCS World OpenBeta 1.5.

This is Part B, you will need Part A as well for the full campaign.  Part A is available here:

File includes a printable A-10C Amplified Checklist pdf in A5 format.

You will need to install a license and purchase a mission key to install these missions.  

** Users who already have a mission key for the campaign can use that to unlock this OpenBeta campaign. **

Your Mission Key will work for both Part A and Part B of the campaign.

This package is no longer for sale.

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