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LockOn: Flaming Cliffs 2

Border Patrol - Mission 10

Uploaded by - DarkFire
Date - 04/08/2011 16:11:15
This is the 10th and final (from a Russian perspective at least) mission in my Border Patrol series. In this mission you once again pilot the Su-25T in a complex operation to destroy an enemy headquarters and command centre complex.


This mission was created with, and requires, the following mods:
    A. The "Su-27 now with R-77" mod by Siemens_001.
    B. The "Blindspot's modded ME" mod, by Blindspot.
    C. The "Info List patch" mod, by Nomdeplum (install this ON TOP OF "B".)
I'm not sure the mission will work correctly without these mods. I would highly recommend them anyway as they all enhance the FC2 experience. All are available for easy download from the "user files" section of the DCS web site. I'll add my personal thanks to the authors of these mods (and all others for that matter) for great additions to the game.

The following is an abstract from the mission briefing:

This conflict ends today. Intelligence has discovered the location of the joint Georgian & Ukrainian Headquarters and command facility. One of our reconnaissance drones was on a routine photographic mission when it took some footage of an unusual facility. Subsequent analysis revealed this to be the enemy command and control centre.

Moscow has ordered all units in-theatre to destroy the enemy command centre. It is hoped that with a decapitating strike all Georgian and Ukrainian forces in the area will surrender.

The enemy HQ is located just outside the town of Lanchkhuti, roughly equi-distant between Senaki, Samtredia and Laituri airfields. Theatre Command at Krasnodar has planned an audacious operation that will end all enemy resistance.

Further notes:

1. By all means adjust your loadouts, but think very carefuly before adjusting your waypoints. All the waypoints for the various flights of aircraft have been very carefuly adjusted so that stuff happens at the right time. Moving waypoints around could lead to very unpredictable results and the mission probably won't be anywhere near as much fun, or may in fact end up being near impossible.

2. This mission includes some custom briefing material. If you're interested in how I did the 'drone photographs' send me an email at Same goes if you have any questions or complaints.

3. This mission has taken me quite some time to put together, particularly with the attention to detail I like to have in my missions. Please feel free to translate it in to your or any other language but please include an attribution to me in the mission briefing or accompanying .txt.

4. Enjoy!
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