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Australian Army UH-1H Bushranger v.1.3

Australian Army UH-1H Bushranger v.1.3

Type - Skin
Author - tromac
Date - 14.04.2016 12:33
1.4 - Changed nation to Australia. Updated folder structure to support JSGME.
1.3 - Changed gunner boot colour to dark brown as looked almost white in 1.2
1.2 - Added Australian crew skins for pilots and gunners.

Installation: Recommend using JSGME for your mods. Extract each individual aircraft 7zip file within the main archive into your DCS World folder.

JSGME see the following for info

The Bell Iroquois UH-1H (Utility Helicopter  Project Number 1 Mark H) was the RAAF and Australian Army's primary troop transport helicopter and gunship for three decades supplementing the Chinook. It was later replaced by the Black Hawk as primary troop transport.

Providing sterling service in Vietnam, they were finally retired from service in 2007.

Delivered 09/12/69 to 9 Sqn Vietnam. 9 Squadron received A2-149 and A2-110 due to the the loss on operations of A2-381 and A2-769 10/69. Operated as UH-1H Bushranger in Vietnam. Damaged 1969/70 when it landed in coastal mudflats in Vietnam and sunk after an emergency landing. RAAF crews worked all night after they hooked up tow ropes and dragged the aircraft to dry ground. This aircraft was involved in an unusual “un-airworthy” incident in 1970 when it was discovered that a 1.6-metre-long snake had taken up residence, requiring considerable dismantling of the aircraft before the snake could be removed.
Transferred to Army Aviation 12/89-01/90 Served with 171 Sqn - 1st Aviation Regiment. Retired and placed into storage. Departed Oakey, Queensland 06/2012 on "Leopard Tank Float", destined for the National Vietnam Veteran's Association Museum on Phillip Island, Victoria where it is currently on display.

Also included in this pack is A2-149 and A2-295.
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