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DCS World 2.8

Defend MinVody airbase from attack - Heli Mission

Uploaded by - Thalvid
Date - 05/25/2023 03:01:22
Mineralnye Vody airbase is under attack.  CTLD is enabled in this mission, you can load troops and insert them at the locations marked on the map.  

the Farp is low on fuel, sling load a fuel tank over to the FARP because the trucks are on lockdown.

Take out the enemy recon post on the nearby hilltop as well.  Try to bring back a crate of their ammunition, or at least one box of grenades so we can trace it and find who is supplying their insurrection.  Don't leave any unexploded ordinance behind.  If you land and take just a sample from the crate, make sure your crew rigs it to blow when you're a safe distance away.  

Use CTLD menu to load troops and disembark them. The Farp is located at the glass ceiling building on the NorthEast quadrant of Mineralnye Vody airbase.  Pickup troops here to deploy at the enemy mortar sites.  You can check your kneeboard at any time for a review of enemy positions on the map spotted by the satellite.  Also, bring the enemy ammo sample back here when you retrieve it.  

The fuel storage area is to the south west quadrant of the airbase.  It's point B in the briefing.  Sling load a fuel tank from here to the FARP.

- eliminate all 3 enemy mortar positions and the enemy recon outpost on the hilltop, make sure no red unit is left in the mortar zones or the hilltop
- bring the enemy ammo crate from the hilltop back to the FARP, or a mere sample from it in which case you should blow it up onsite.  
- bring at least one fuel tank to the FARP
- land safely at the FARP

**the Mi-8 slots seem to be crashing the mission.  Please share insight if you know why.  
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