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DCS: World 2.8
F-16C Viper

Simple Night patrol mission - F-16 - Coop

Uploaded by - KenaiChoppa
Date - 03/17/2023 21:28:17
Take off from your base and patrol through 3 way points were you will might encounter enemy aircraft. Coordinate with your wingman and AWACS to face each encounter and RTB in one piece. This is a simple mission that I made to learn some of the editors tools. It is "beginner" friendly and perfect to practice with a friend some Air to Air combat in different scenarios during the night were there is low visibility.

This is a simple mission that I made to learn some of the editors tools. It doesnt follow any realistic scenario, so feel free to edit the livery of the plane to choose your favorite one!

This scenario have random encounters on each turning point were you could, or not, encounter enemies. Even in the worse case you should be able to clear with the help of your wing man. It is also a some what short mission that can be finished in between 25-50 minutes depending on the encounter and if you want to RTB to the base on end the mission after the last encounter using a custom radio option. It is also a really beginners friendly mission that you can use to practice your Air to Air combat or just to kill some time without playing the same mission over and over again.

This is the Coop version set of during night time with the F-16. I also have made a night time version of this mission and a single player version of this to have the support of a wing man. This mission is not designed to be played with just one F-16
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