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DCS: World 2.7

GI JOE: Three Cubes To Darkness

Uploaded by - Crabspirits
Date - 11/26/2022 05:56:32
Defending the skies against Cobra, the enemy, GI Joe takes to the air!
GI Joe!

Child1:"Cobra has the Cube Of Darkness! Blast 'em!"
Child2:"Send in the SkyStallions."
Child3:"Cobra FANG choppers! Oh no! Rattlers on our six!"
Child1:"This is SkyStriker, I have your bogey locked up! POW!"

GI Joe SkyStallion™, SkyStriker™, Cobra FANG™ chopper, and Cobra Rattler™ downloaded separately,
each with parachuting action figure included.

-Split Air OV-10A

-Skystriker skin

-Cobra FANG skin

-Cobra Rattler skin

A real American hero...GI Joe!

Ever as a child, play with a toy of an aircraft, and press it into a role it was never intended for? Just because it looked cool?
Join a ground strike on an enemy base set into a "bowl" that puts your "SkyStallion" (OV-10 Bronco) at odds with ground fire, enemy aircraft, or the canyon wall. Expect to fly two sorties over 90 minutes.
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