Operation Gall Stone

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DCS: World 2.7
UH-1H Huey

Operation Gall Stone

Uploaded by - Zukker
Date - 11/22/2022 22:33:10
You are to fly an unarmed Huey to a FOB to take on an emergency patient and then fly them back down to Sochi-Alder. The only issues are the weather and potential hostile militant factions. Can you fly to the FOB and return back to Sochi-Alder all in one piece?

A week long blizzard has prevented the re-supply of a FOB. An emergency has arisen involving a service person at the FOB. A truck convoy is on the way tot he FOB but that will take way to long for the emergency situation. You will have to fly an unharmed Huey, with support from the rest of your flight and a squad of Ka-50, in marginal weather from Sochi-Alder to the FOB. Land and pick up the 3 service personnel and then return to Sochi-Alder. A piece of cake. Did I mention the weather? Or the angry militants whose territory you will have to fly over? Just follow the instructions given to over the radio and you will be just fine.

The mission will end when you have landed back at Sochi-Alder and dis-embarked the servicemen.

Good Luck, Zukker.
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