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F-14 Tomcat

Ace Combat - ISAF VF-453 "Tritons" F-14

Type - Skin
Uploaded by - AWACS_Bandog
Date - 11/21/2022 04:37:41
Ace Combat inspired skin for the Tomcat. Please read the description before downloading.

Due to size constraints with the DCS User files, I have to host this skinpack off site.

Please Use this link (Or the link in the Readme/PDF) to download the skin pack which features four
F-14 Tomcats of VF-453 “Tritons”

If it requests a Decryption key, please use : ghERdDLPw9s9CHkov_lck_Xj4-90ZNi60SbUvFyZJF8

Established in early 2004, VF-453 "Triton's" was a replacement F-14B squadron assigned to the UFS Fort Grace, flagship to the ISAF Navy 6th Fleet.

Made up of various Usean military personnel, the Triton's were one of the many multinational squadrons that quickly filled ISAFs ranks. The crews, despite their little common ground, quickly organized themselves into a formidable fighting force. It was the Tritons crews that were the first to form the "St Ark Fishing Club", a tongue in cheek reference to the 6th Fleets initial operation area in the Northeastern part of the continent, However as the war Progressed, the 6th Fleet and Tritons would shift their focus in the push west, Eventually ending the war conducting operations on Tyler Island in the Spring Sea.

There would be multiple aces made from the Tritons during their campaign. Squadron commander, Captain Steve "Joker" Miller, had perhaps the most impressive single day in the units history, Going toe-to-toe with six Erusean F-5 fighters near Asadal that had ambushed the CAP launched from the Fort Grace, critically damaging both aircraft. After destroying two of the Tigers with his Sidewinders, Miller and his RIO 'Deke' Slayton would earn a coveted guns kill against the final Tiger, causing the surviving two F-5s to retreat and allowing the three Tomcats to return safely to the carrier.

VF-453 would be deactivated along with the rest of ISAF in 2007. Many of the pilot's would stay with the newly formed IUN-PKF assigned to the spiritual successor unit, VFA-166 which would carry on the Tritons legacy with the F/A-18F Super Hornet.
This is not intended as a replica of an Ace Combat squadron within the lore.

Skin pack features four aircraft

* CAG (300) with Hi-Viz markings

* 300 "Abracadabra": Squadron leader Capt. Steve "Joker" Miller and RIO Lt Donald "Deke" Slayton

* 301 "Rock'N Me": Cdr. Gabriel "Gauzel" Garza  and RIO LtJG K. "Kenny" Kuynh

* 302: Generic Markings

Each pilot wears custom patches and helmets.

Please contact me on Discord at AWACS_BANDOG#7420 for any questions or bug-reports, thanks!
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