Operation Hormuz Mission 05

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DCS: World 2.7
F/A-18C Hornet

Operation Hormuz Mission 05

Uploaded by - zeeshine
Date - 10/30/2022 11:55:53
2-8 Multiplayer F/A-18C COOP Supercarrier Operation Mission
Skills Required: Cold Start, Case I Launch, TOT setup and on-time management, JDAM bombing in PP mode, Case I Recovery
Module Required: F/A-18C Hornet, Supercarrier, Persian Gulf Map.

[The mission file is updated on 2 Jan 2023, fixed deck object bug and wrong liveries, added kneeboards, improved mission goal logic]

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Our allied ground force has made major breakthrough on the first day of landing. On the west side, our ground force established depth over the coastal area fr om Bandar-eJazzeh to Bandar-Moghuyeh and also made a successful landing on Qeshm Island; on the east side, our ground force had taken over the coastal area from Bandar-e-Jask to Seerik, and now three armored brigades are pushing north to Minab, wh ere Iranian's 1st Corp headquarter is located. The Iranian army is currently using an automated commanding network that if the headquarter's command center is offline, a backup command center will take over the headquarter role within 60 seconds. As a result, it is important to destroy both command centers simultaneously to take down the 1st Corp's commanding system. Meanwhile, the Iranian army has two specialized artillery brigades in Karian mountain area that take orders directly from Tehran outside the 1st Corp's commanding system, and we need to bring them down by destroying their command centers as well. Once the enemy's communication system is down, our ground force will continue to push north and begin a major offensive attack scheduled at 0938UTC. Hopefully, our guys on the ground will take over Minab by tonight. The CVN-71 Group has planned a strike package consisting of eight F/A-18C, Hawk 1, Hawk 2, Hawk 3, and Hawk 4 for this precise strike mission.
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