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UH-1H Huey

World War Z - English Version

Uploaded by - Bioris
Date - 10/22/2022 08:29:44
Version 2 - Mission of the movie "WORLD WAR Z" with musics and monsters noises - in english !

- English version of  the French Version by Bioris.

- Mission loosely inspired by the movie "WORLD WAR Z" - Solo and / or COOP Mission -

- Armed transport helicopters: Huey and Mi-24.
- Defend the base against hordes of Zombies.
- Transport the scientist to different locations to survive and find the cure for the Virus.
- Rescue the people surrounded by Zombies in town.
- Go get food for the base.

- With musics of the movie and monsters noises.
- Version 2 : The plane of Brad Pitt can take off from airport to go to WHO (=OMS = World Health Organization), to find the vaccine against the Zombie virus.

- DCS-World-Bioris.
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