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DCS: World 2.7
SA342 Gazelle

Stray Eagle for Sa342 Gazelle

Uploaded by - dscross
Date - 09/27/2022 00:45:43
This is an alteration & upgrade of the mission "Stray Eagle" which comes with the UH-1. It has been changed to the SA342L Gazelle. The old M4 infantry has been changed to M4 Georgia, and the insurgents changed to look a bit better.

The FARP has been fixed so it actually looks like a military outpost. Revetments have been added, security patrols, and a vehicle parking area. The option to hot start is gone, but auto start is an option.

You'll be doing a CSAR for a downed A10 pilot "Stray Eagle". His ELIT beacon is broadcasting on 40.0 FM which is button 5 on your helicopter. You'll have an escort of Ah64's to sort out the rif-raf. Fly out to the pilot and bring him back to the FARP.

I enabled "easy comms" because of the Gazelle radios wouldn't tune to 116.00 MHz as originally in the mission.

FYI. I also changed the player slot to "Player" from "Client" so that this mission gives you logbook time in case that matters to you.

Mission altered/ upgraded by Dcsross. (Dscross#3705 on discord.) I'm open to requests for missions, and my squadron AIN (Arrorian Imperial Navy) is always open to new pilots. We offer training and generally enjoy flying. Feel free to stop by the discord if you have questions or you're looking for someone to fly with.
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