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DCS: World 2.7

Whack-A-Mole with Willie Pete

Uploaded by - sidekick65
Date - 09/18/2022 03:10:37
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Welcome to FOB Pagan

It's not much but what the heck, it's home for the next little while

Our mission is to rid this island of the pestilence of insurgents that have recently started proliferating here.

Your tools in this trade will be your Mark I eyeballs, WP rockets and Fast Friends - who carry large bomb loads

Take Off  and check in with call sign switchblade.  They will be your primary weapon today

Patrol the North end of the island looking for insurgent bunkers.  When you find one, mark it with WP.

Switchblade will automatically see your mark an start a run in.  

Orbit the target and observe the results. If the target is killed you can start looking for another one.  If it is not killed you have HE rockets that you can use to try to finish it off.

Land at the end of the mission to experience the full challenge of working in this environment

NOTE - the targets can be EXTREMELY hard to spot with certain graphics settings. I have left the visible on the F10 map if you just can't find them any other way.
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