AH-64 Apache Escort and protecting Navy SEALs

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DCS: World 2.7

AH-64 Apache Escort and protecting Navy SEALs

Uploaded by - rodz88
Date - 08/27/2022 04:34:02
ISIS HVT have been spotted West of Al-Tanf U.S Military base. A quick mission was put up to take down the HVT. You will fly the Ah-64D Apache callsign Devil 1-1 as escort and provide cover for the  SEALs. There are simple voice over included in this mission to make it more immersive

Checkout the video here for sneak peak of how the mission looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CIX-mFZVAAQ

1. Escort Blackhawk until waypoint 1
2.Recon the Objective and take out as many heavy threats (AAA and Armor) at waypoint 3. (Recommend to hover somewhere near waypoint 2)
3. Support SEALs assault on the objective
4. Provide overwatch until reinforcement arrives

Apache: Devil 1-1
Reaper UAV: Reaper 1-1
SEALs fireteam: Saber 1
Blackhawk: Ford 3-1
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