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DCS: World 2.7

AH-64 Training Map

Author - nazradu
Date - 06/23/2022 13:11:57
Training map to get used to the AH-64 and other choppers.
Watch this Youtube playlist to get an idea of what to do here: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLN_dChu0spFFy8O4vcRK0hFfg89OuwV2U

This map was created to master the basic challenges of learning a new helicopter. Test your flying skills in slow or fast slalom.
Learn how to transition from hovering to fast flight and back on the 500m and 2000m tracks.
Test your navigational skills by finding cows, or practice using armaments on the cold or hot firing range.

Have fun and good luck practicing!

I placed some cows on the map to test your navigation skills. You can find the first three cows by using coordinates, if your helicopter supports this type of navigation.

Cow Coordinates
Cow01 MGRS: 37 T EJ 7485 1236
Lat Long Decimal: N 43°27.626'   E 39°55.516'

Cow02 MGRS: 37 T EJ 7483 1314
Lat Long Decimal: N 43°28.020'   E 39°57.412'

Cow03 MGRS: 37 T EJ 7884 1238
Lat Long Decimal: N 43°27.612'   E 39°58.473'

You can also find some cows by using ADF or VHF FM homing (

VHF FM Cow Frequencies:
Cow04 31.0 FM
Cow05 32.75 FM
Cow06 34.5 FM

VHF AM Cow Frequencies:

Cow08 114.116 AM (Channel 1 Ark-UD in Mi-8)
Cow09 114.133 AM (Channel 2 Ark-UD in Mi-8)
Cow10 121.5 AM (Channel 4 Ark-UD in Mi-8)

ADF Cow Frequency:
Cow07 761.000 AM

If you want to use another helicopter, you have to change the slots and set de configs for loadout. Make sure you are blue coalition, or the ships will destroy you!
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